Deliverable Documents by Phase


When you hire an architect and discuss their process, it is very important to see completed projects.  More importantly and often not discussed are the deliverable documents that are created to complete the clients vision.  The finished project looks beautiful.  How was this accomplished?

Architects provide a service.  That service requires us to document each phase of the process including Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents.  Understanding what you are receiving is crucial to evaluating the service.  All too often the focus is merely on the portfolio of projects. While they are, of course, important, it is often more important to see what their service provides in order to achieve your vision.

My process involves a highly detailed method of modeling everything in 3D.  The advantage to this process is how easy it is to visualize the design as it migrates through each phase of design to the reality of construction.  Every decision is clearly documented, in a simple, comprehensive format.  Confident decisions are made by everyone involved.

The following Galleries show examples of what you can expect to see in each phase

View wall 1.jpg

Schematic Design

This is where it all starts.  Everything is developed in 3d making the decision process efficient


Design Development

The project comes to life!

Gray MC 393_Sections-1.jpg

Construction Documents

The highest level of detail is provided to communicate the design to the construction team.

Animation & Rendering

Along with the renderings you see above in the design development phase, I also provide a complete animation of the project at the end of the design development phase that captures both the interior and exterior of the home.  This is a standard deliverable of my services and compliments the construction documents, greatly appreciated by both the client and contractor.